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RIO accused of copying Japanese brands Suntory and Kirin in advertising and packaging

release time:2020-07-31

Putting aside the scandal of RIO advertising packaging plagiarism, pre-modified cocktails are really hard to sell |CBNweekly    Liu Diting CBN Weekly    Pre-conditioned cocktails rely heavily on channels, while RIO focused on marketing, ignoring sales performance, and failed to break into the regular catering channels.    RIO, who originally expected to re-enter the market to restore performance by launching new products and taste upgrades, appeared on the TV Tokyo WBS program-not because the products sold well, but because it was pointed out that the advertisements and packaging were plagiarized by Japanese brands Suntory and Kirin.    Maybe your impression of RIO is still before 2015, and you have almost never missed the "awkward implantation" of hit dramas. There are RIOs in TV series like "Why Shengxiaomo" and "Shanshan Is Coming". It also spent a lot of money to name the variety show "Everyday Upward" and sponsored "Run, Brother" from the first season. To the fourth season. RIO sponsors "Run, Brother". RIO sponsors "Run, Brother".    It was a good time to prepare a cocktail. Some industry analysts said that at that time, RIO's market share in the pre-mixing industry reached about 40%. With Bacardi Bingrui, the combined market share of the two major brands was 60% to 70%.    But according to the 2016 semi-annual report released by RIO's parent company Bairun, RIO began to show a trend of sharp decline in sales. In the 2016 semi-annual report of Bairun, operating income fell by 60.64% to 925 million yuan, and net profit fell by 129.39% to a loss of 147 million yuan. Bairun shares the reason for the decline as "the pre-adjusted cocktail business, which accounts for a relatively high proportion of its main business revenue. During the inventory process of consumer distributors, the company-end product shipments are significantly lower than the end-product sales", in other words, it is the pre-adjustment Cocktails are not easy to sell.    RIO also tried to recover. In 2016, it launched the 8 degree/9 degree "STRONG" series. In May 2017, it upgraded the taste and packaging of the original "micro addiction" series, discarding the original glass bottle. Use canned packaging instead. I hope to rely on new products to enter the catering channel to meet the needs of different consumers and different consumption scenarios.    However, netizens found that the new packaging is a bit familiar. On September 9th, TV TOKYO WBS directly reported the incident of RIO plagiarizing Suntory ほろよい, Kirin Bingjie and CM. Suntory’s response was to understand the matter and negotiate a countermeasure. Kirin responded that depending on the severity of the nature, it might protest.